Conquering The Markets

A Risk Management Focused Investment Strategy

        The problem with the financial industry today is that many professionals are applying 20th century tactics in 21st century markets. Without a focus on gaining global perspective, and utilizing the latest technology, many former titans of the financial markets are losing their ability to generate competitive returns. 

A Multi-Strategy Solution

Modern Markets, Technology Matters

Montgomery Assets applies a range of strategies across global equity, fixed income and commodity markets, in order to generate favorable risk-adjusted and absolute returns.
Modern day investing requires a tremendous investment in the latest technology. At Montgomery Assets, technology is a primary concern of our day-to-day investment process.
We employ a variety of sophisticated quantitative and fundamentally driven strategies to trade equities and equity related derivatives. Equity markets provide a sizable pool of liquidity to express opinions about inflation, employment and other fundamental economic factors.
Montgomery Assets has built a successful trading operation in fixed income and interest rates by understanding how to balance fundamental macro-economic analysis and modern quantitative, market micro-structure driven trading methodologies. 
We use quantitative, as well as seasonality driven analysis to gain insights into the global energy, grain and metals/mineral markets. Predicting the future drivers of supply and demand for commodities is critical to building a comprehensive trading framework. 

Montgomery Research: Market Liquidity and Futures Scalping​​

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